X11 backend and OverrideRedirect

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Hello all (and I hope this is proper list for this kind of things),

I’ve encountered the issue that with some window managers that usage of
the OverrideRedirect might cause some troubles with shown-on-top-windows
and window ordering in general. One of the worst-case scenarios is that
the window manager would force some other window to be on top and
getting expose events (as OverrideRedirect window should be unknown to
the window manager).

I think more proper way would be to use the _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN
atom, defined by freedesktop.org standards (practically any modern
window manager should know this). But again, some older window managers
might not like the idea. But of course then again, nobody should be
using these days outdated window manager with recent software…

Anyway, I have made this kind of modifications to the x11 backend of a
copy of sdl
along with some dirty hacks and deb packaging, so it would be rather
trivial to get diffs of version 1.2.8. But again, the changes were made
to 1.2.8 and file structure has been changing (compared to 1.3 (trunk)).
But the changes aren’t that excessive so the hand patching wouldn’t be
that big deal.

Anyway I would like to ask your opinion about doing this, better or
worse than the current implementation of fullscreen mode.

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I am also interested in libsdl using _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN.

It’s much more sane and would enable users of Open Source desktops to minimize
their applications.

Any updates on this on the upstream side?