Xbox 360 Controller Left trigger not detected by SDL2, Windows 10


I am having an issue with SDL not detecting any inputs of the left trigger on my Xbox 360/Windows controller. I have tested it on two computers (laptop and desktop computer) both running Windows 10. I also tested it with two separate controllers. They are the standard, microsoft made, wired, xbox 360/windows controllers.

If I open up game controller settings from my windows control panel, I see the left and right triggers both working and influencing a single axis (the Z Axis). I have read about this single axis thing being a problem for some people, but it isn’t an issue in my case. The OS is definitely detecting left trigger input. I just can’t read any input through SDL.

The code I’m using:

int leftRightTrigger = SDL_JoystickGetAxis(m_joystick, SDL_CONTROLLER_AXIS_TRIGGERRIGHT)

I’ve tried using TRIGGERLEFT and experimented with other axis values but to no avail. Its as if SDL2 just doesn’t know anything about the left trigger.

I am using SDL2 version 2.0.7. The Development Libraries.

Any ideas would be appreciated.