Xbox360, JoyStick Android SDL 2.0 Not Working

I can’t seem to get Xbox360 Controller to Work or JoyStick on Android.

Doesn’t seem to detect my FlightSim JoyStick or my New Xbox 360 PC/XBOX360 Controller.

while ( SDL_PollEvent(&event) )

	if (event.type == SDL_JOYDEVICEADDED)


        bJoy = true;


just for double checking, did you added the proper flag on SDL_Init?
SDL_INIT_GAMECONTROLLER should do the trick

I did all. Init All.
I think the issue is Drivers Support on the Android. Since It Blinks.I have three devices, Tablet, HTC Phone, and Tv Media Center running Android. Tv Media Center Worked Straight Away, SDL 2.0 should be able to detect on that 1.

How does event.caxis? Work what does it return? Vector?




caxis would be up down, left, right. I need to use the Hats. Left and the Right, so little documentation…ahh

as for caxis I’ve been using it like this

float axis_value = event.caxis.value;

if (event.caxis.axis==SDL_CONTROLLER_AXIS_LEFTX )
//do stuff

I’m running PES2016, it’s coming up as DirectInput XBOX360 for Windows. Anyone got Xbox 360 Wired USB Successful with Android using SDL 2.0?