Xcode 4 templates for SDL

I posted some initial Xcode 4 templates for SDL.

You can find the hg repo here:

Copy them to

They need work.

The Mac ones mostly work provided you have the SDL.framework in
/Library/Frameworks and you always pick the correct version (1.2 or
1.3). However, I don’t know how to hook into the copy files to bundle
phase to embed the SDL.framework into the .app bundle. You’ll have to
set this up manually. The compatibility targets are set to 10.5 and
x86_64 and i386, but using the latest SDK.

The iOS template does not work out of the box. I don’t know how to set
up a link dependency on a (static) library instead of a framework. I
think we should include the static library inside the template if we
figure out the other thing.

Help on this is welcome.

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