Xen-opensuse_10.2-SDL keymap workaround

I have to install an OS in full virtualization mode (I have VT CPU).
During installation, network is not up yet.
My Linux distribution, openSuSe 10.2, uses Xen 3.0.3 and SDL 1.2.11.
I use SDL console/monitor to perform the domU installation.
The problem is keyboard is messed up. My azerty keyboard become a qwerty
one, but without the numeric keys (no way to enter things like IP
addresses or alphanumeric Serial Numbers). Only alphabetic keys work in
qwerty layout.

It seems to be known, but workaroundable: Some contributors suggested me
to use “xenwatch”, a kind of vnc client. But as well as during
installation step, network is not up, how could I do?

Would you have any information about that? Thank you.

For the moment I use only Full Virtualization, without using modified
domU kernel.