XSC ported to SDL and Zaurus

I’ve been busy this weekend! :slight_smile:

This evening I ported “XSC” (“X Star Castle”) an X11-based clone of
the old vector-based arcade game “Star Castle” by Cinematronics
( found at http://www.panix.com/~mbh/projects.html ), to
the Simple DirectMedia Layer library (SDL - http://www.libsdl.org/ ).

It’s a very basic, quick and dirty conversion. It should be fairly
trivial to get the game running on other OSes supported by SDL
(Windows, MacOS, BeOS, Amiga, etc.).

Along with porting it to SDL, I’ve been able to successfully cross-compile
it for the ARM processor, and run it on the Sharp Zaurus Linux-based PDA!
(I force-fitted the window size, and tweaked the aspect ratio to fit
the taller-than-wide portrait shape of the LCD screen.)

I’ve placed a compiled version of it on my FTP site (statically-linked against
David Hedbor’s port of SDL to ARM and Qtopia), along with a brief
README (it’s not been packaged into an .ipk yet, and therefore there’s
no launcher icon - you need to run it from Terminal on the Zaurus)
and a screenshot. (“Star Castle” wasn’t hugely popular, but if you went
to arcades back in the 80s, you probably saw it at least once :^) )


I unofficially call this port “ZSC” (“Zaurus Star Castle”).
Many thanks to Mark for this kewl game (remember when I tried porting it
to the Agenda VR3 Linux-based PDA? :^) ), and for releasing it as GPL!

Mark - I’ll be sending my source changes and tweaks to Makefile
(unfortunately, I don’t know autoconf/automake yet) tomorrow evening.
I hope you consider accepting my SDL and embedded-SDL targets to the main
XSC codebase!!! :^)

Thanks again, and enjoy!

bill at newbreedsoftware.com