XSC -> ZSC -> SDLSC (Star Castle game)

So long long ago, I took “XSC”, the X-Window clone of the old arcade
game ‘Star Castle’, and ported to SDL and shrunk the window down (and
did other tweaks) to get it to run on the Sharp Zaurus PDA.

I just got an e-mail from someone asking if there’ll ever be a Windows
version. I figured since I already did the work of porting the Xlib
code to SDL (and adding some sound effects), that a desktop-sized SDL
version (for Linux, Windows, Mac, Be, etc.) shouldn’t be difficult.

Would anyone here be interested in helping me get XSC/ZSC ported to


XSC (original Xlib clone):

ZSC (my SDL/Zaurus tweak):

Original Star Castle (entry at KLOV):

BTW, back when I did ZSC, I asked Mark (author of XSC) if he’d be
interested in incorporating the SDL code. I never head back from him. :frowning:


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