XVideo based overlays in SDL 1.3

I’ve been on the mailing list for a just a few months and notice the
trickle of questions about use of YUV on X11 and overlays, and Xvideo, etc.

It occurred to me that although I saw some X.org code to provide Xv
extension support in SDL, I didn’t notice anywhere where it is used (in
svn that is, I know it’s in 1.2).

I am curious as to why Xv was dropped from SDL svn. I noticed that the
X11 video stuff was pretty much completely dropped and added in one or
two revisions back in mid 2006, but no detailed explanation is there
about this. I also looked (hastily) a bit on the mailing list archives
and bugzilla and didn’t find anything.

Can anyone give me the short story/explanation or a pointer to the
history? Or is it that this is simply something that hasn’t been
addressed since the 1.3 revamping?