YV12 & IYVY-overlay bug with --enable-nasm (orD_ASM_BLIT)

Hello, Andrey!

AN>>> I think that only developers of SDL drivers can solve this problem.
??>> There can be only one solution - in SDL internals check for platform
??>> and specific video driver to swap the U and V planes when driver need
??>> it. But looks like it is one more problem :slight_smile: With best regards, Mike
??>> Gorchak. E-mail: @Mike_Gorchak
AN> Swap U and Y plane - good simple solution on X11 driver, BUT:

Heh, you missunderstood me, I meant that was another side of the moon :slight_smile:
Dark one. It’s one more problem which is additional to yours. Sometimes
using hardware accelerated overlays we can get incorrect colors, because of
misplaced U and V planes.

With best regards, Mike Gorchak. E-mail: @Mike_Gorchak