Announcing SDL_mixer 2.6.0

Thanks to all the people who contributed code and feedback, SDL_mixer 2.6.0 is now available!

In addition to new CMake support by @madebr and many bug fixes, here are the highlights since the last release:

  • API documentation is now available on the wiki: SDL_mixer/FrontPage - SDL Wiki
  • Added support for building with CMake
  • Added support for playing Ogg files using stb_vorbis, which is now the default Vorbis backend.
    To use libvorbis instead, configure using --disable-music-ogg-stb --enable-music-ogg-vorbis
  • Added support for playing FLAC files using dr_flac, which is now the default FLAC music backend.
    To use libflac instead, configure using --disable-music-flac-drflac --enable-music-flac-libflac
  • Added support for playing MP3 files using dr_mp3, which is now the default MP3 music backend.
    To use libmpg123 instead, configure using --disable-music-mp3-drmp3 --enable-music-mp3-mpg123
  • Added libxmp support for mod music playback. Modplug is still the default backend for MOD music.
    To use libxmp instead, configure using --disable-music-mod-modplug --enable-music-mod-xmp
  • Removed support for libmad as a MP3 music backend.
  • Removed support for libmikmod as a MOD music backend.
  • Added Mix_MasterVolume() for additional volume control over all channels
  • Update Mix_Init() return value to match documentation, including MIXER_INIT_* flags for already-initialized modules
  • Added Mix_HasMusicDecoder()
  • Memory leak fixes and F32 format support to fluidsynth player
  • Fixed distorted MIDI playback with FluidSynth if sample rate is out of library’s limits
  • Added Mix_ModMusicJumpToOrder() for mod music formats
  • Enabled module internal loops in modplug player
  • Respect original mp3 file offset
  • Support setting soundfont via SDL_SOUNDFONTS in OSX native midi
  • Fixed mp3 file detection
  • Fixes to ogg playback on big-endian devices
  • Added functions to get metadata information:
  • Add functions to get loop point information:
  • Added Mix_GetMusicVolume() and Mix_GetMusicPosition()
  • Added Mix_MusicDuration() to return music duration in seconds
  • Fixed music_mpg123 seek bug when sample rate of the file and the stream don’t match
  • Timidity improvements, added Mix_SetTimidityCfg()
  • Improved mp3 tag detection/skipping
  • Extended support for WAV files
  • Allow rmid files be opened by native midi
  • Fixed possible crash in win32 native midi
  • Prevent clipping due to volume settings in modplug music
  • Added looping support for Opus files
  • Added looping support for FLAC files
  • Improved OGG looping support
  • Fixed loading Opus audio as audio chunks

A minor update to fix a Linux packaging issue has been released:

A minor update to address building using homebrew on macOS has been released:

A minor update with bug fixes has been released: