Google Summer of Code 2010

That’s right, we’re back again for Google Summer of Code 2010!

Thanks to Google and the great students we’ve had, we’re going around for another year!

The Google Summer of Code is a program in which students from all over the world are invited to apply to help out open source projects over the summer for a significant stipend. Even if you’re not interested in helping out SDL, there are lots of great projects to choose from!

Please check it out on the SDL website at:

Because we’ve had applicants with widely varying skill levels, this year I’m asking all prospective applicants to submit a sample patch for SDL 1.3. It doesn’t have to be big or even accepted, but it does have to show familiarity with the development process and good coding practices.

Happy Coding! :)–
-Sam Lantinga, Founder and President, Galaxy Gameworks LLC