Image File Grouping

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You could group each “animation” as a vertical “strip” of images, that way
you only load one file?

This is exactly how I manage my sprite engine. However I had to 

write a ‘sprite compiler’ that takes a group of single frames and glues
them together into a animation strip. It also spits out a human readable
data file that contains frame data to index into to animation to pluck
out the correct frames. The reason i do this is because of the shear
number of animations in my apps, keying sound to animations, my sprite
playback system operates on animation sequences NOT individual frames,
and I find it makes more sense when i look at my directory structure (it
seems much tidier/easier to maintain and pick bugs).

Plus I’d want to store wav files… and any other junk.
I guess it would just be like a WAD file right?

Some advantages to WAD-like datafiles are:

- Encryption (anti-hacking).
- Data integrity checking (CRC).
- Faster read operations as you bypass open/close on
  individual files (potentially thousands).


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code is for solving problems, not imposing dogmas. No solution is
universal and none should be taken as such

Isn't that a dogma?   :)