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Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2024 12:23:37 +0000
Subject: [PATCH] Doc: add 'RFC 1: Project Steering Committee Guidelines' and a
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+.. _psc:
+Project Steering Committee
+As of April 2024, the project has been placed in the hands of a Project Steering Committee. This project steering committee operates under the rules of :ref:`rfc1_psc`, and is overall responsible for decisions related to the libtiff project. The current members are:
+- Bob Friesenhahn (@bobfriesenhahn)
+- Su Laus (@Su_Laus)
+- Roger Leigh (@rleigh)
+- Timothy Lyanguzov (@theta682)
+- Olivier Paquet (@1-Olivier)
+- Leonard Rosenthol (@lrosenthol)
+- Even Rouault (@rouault)
+Note that discussion of proposals to the PSC take place on the libtiff mailing list
+(, requiring subscription at,
+archived at,
+and input from all subscribers is welcome. A list of past :ref:`rfcs` is available for review.
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+.. _rfcs:
+Request For Comments (RFCs)
+RFCs are the process through which major changes in the working or content
+of the libtiff project are conducted.
+.. toctree::
+    :maxdepth: 1
+    :titlesonly:
+    rfc1_psc
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+.. _rfc1_psc:
+RFC 1: Project Steering Committee Guidelines
+Author: Even Rouault
+Contact: even.rouault at
+Status: **Draft**
+This document describes how the libtiff Project Steering Committee
+determines membership, and makes decisions on libtiff project issues.
+In brief, the committee votes on proposals on the libtiff mailing list.
+Proposals are available for review for at least 5 business days, and a single
+veto is sufficient to delay progress though ultimately a majority of members can
+pass a proposal.
+Detailed Process
+1.  Proposals are written up and submitted on the libtiff mailing list
+    for discussion and voting, by any interested party, not just
+    committee members.
+2.  Proposals need to be available for review for at least 5 business
+    days before a final decision can be made.
+3.  Respondents may vote "+1" to indicate support for the proposal and a
+    willingness to support implementation.
+4.  Respondents may vote "-1" to veto a proposal, but must provide clear
+    reasoning and alternate approaches to resolving the problem within
+    the voting delay.
+5.  A vote of -0 indicates mild disagreement, but has no effect. A 0
+    indicates no opinion. A +0 indicate mild support, but has no effect.
+6.  Anyone may comment on proposals on the list, but only members of the
+    Project Steering Committee's votes will be counted.
+7.  A proposal will be accepted if it receives at least +2 (including the
+    proposer) and no vetos (-1).
+8.  If a proposal is vetoed, and it cannot be revised to satisfy all
+    parties, then it can be resubmitted for an override vote in which a
+    majority of all eligible voters indicating +1 is sufficient to pass
+    it. Note that this is a majority of all committee members, not just
+    those who actively vote.
+9.  Upon completion of discussion and voting the proposer should
+    announce whether they are proceeding (proposal accepted) or are
+    withdrawing their proposal (vetoed).
+10. The Chair gets a vote.
+11. The Chair is responsible for keeping track of who is a member of the
+    Project Steering Committee.
+12. Addition and removal of members from the committee, as well as
+    selection of a Chair should be handled as a proposal to the
+    committee.
+13. The Chair adjudicates in cases of disputes about voting.
+When is Vote Required?
+-  Anything that could cause backward compatibility issues.
+-  Adding, removing or modifying substantial amounts of code.
+-  Changing inter-subsystem APIs.
+-  Issues of procedure.
+-  When releases should take place.
+-  Anything that might be controversial
+-  The Chair is the ultimate adjudicator if things break down.
+-  The absolute majority rule can be used to override an obstructionist
+   veto, but it is intended that in normal circumstances vetoers need to
+   be convinced to withdraw their veto. We are trying to reach
+   consensus.
+-  It is strongly recommended that proposals subject to a vote be discussed
+   first on the mailing list to build consensus before proceeding to the vote.
+The initial members of the Project Steering Committee are:
+- Bob Friesenhahn (@bobfriesenhahn)
+- Su Laus (@Su_Laus)
+- Roger Leigh (@rleigh)
+- Timothy Lyanguzov (@theta682)
+- Olivier Paquet (@1-Olivier)
+- Leonard Rosenthol (@lrosenthol)
+- Even Rouault (@rouault)
+Even Rouault is declared initial Chair of the Project Steering Committee.
+The current membership list can be found on the :ref:`psc` page.
+This document is a direct adaptation from
+`GDAL Project Management Committee Guidelines <>`__,
+authored by Frank Warmerdam.