“Andy Livingstone” wrote:

I’ve been working on a few ideas for a logo, based on RGB gears. I
think that these represent that the SDL is a library largely used for
graphics apps. I know they’re cliched, but I like gears. They look
great small and can with some rendering effects can look very good
when large aswell.

I’ve asked Clemens to put them up on his page
http://thf.ath.cx/html/sdllogo/ (which was a really good idea by the
way - thanks). Comments please?

FYI, they are now online.

Your Idea sounds great. I am gonna look at it next Weekend.
Probably looks really great if rendered nicely

William Robinson wrote:>

as it’s very topical, i thought i’d add my pints worth. this logo is based
around three of the main aspects of SDL: video, audio and input. this is a
few screenshots of some models i had started working. they are jpegs in a
gzipped tar file:


i’m aiming to create a 3D intro animation primarily for my own game. but i
will try and make the code into a nice little module for use in anything.
maybe i’ll make an mpeg of it too.

the film will be animated scrolling through, with moving frames of
animation on the cells. possibly a rendering of the actual animation. i
may put some kind of film cannisters on the end, or just coil them up a
bit more.

the translucent cones around the speaker will be vibrating fast to give
the appearance of sound. the joystick will also have some kind of motion.

please understand that i will probably be remodelling these models. i’m
not sure about a storyboard really. one possible rough idea was:

o starting off with an old fashioned 2D space invaders type animation

o camera pulls back to show it is actually on the roll of film of the
big “S” (maybe with a spacecraft from the game following the
camera and merging into 3D)

o then the camera pulling back even more to fly past the speaker
"D" with an big higher quality sound fading in at the same time

o then pulling back past the joystick “L” and round to the front
to show the three main elements spelling out SDL

o then the elements merging into just a basic logo, and a crecendo
in the sound

i dunno… waddya think?

any inspiration/thoughts/support/help appreciated.


Matthias Bach

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