Not registering poll events or keyboard states on macOS

Yeap I commented out I commented out SDL_SetWindowInputFocus. I tried logging every single event. The only thing that logs is capslock (which is very weird.) None of the other keys are firing event. It doesn’t set foot into the while loop while (SDL_PollEvent(&event)).

Wait, you aren’t receiving other events like mouse motion and changes in window size?
SDL_PollEvent() is completely silent?

Nobody else with a Mac system has piped up saying that they have the same issue, so I’m back to suspecting that something else in your project code is causing this error. Are there other libraries involved that might also have window event-handling? (The thought there is perhaps those libs are active and consuming the event before they reach SDL)
Here’s an example of someone having issues apparently because they included ogre in their project → macos - SDL2 not sending input events on OSX - Stack Overflow, unfortunately no solution was offered to fix that.

It really would help to be able to see the project in full if there was a github of it or something similar.

A simplified example is enough (and even preferable) as long as it reproduces the bug.

Don’t be too surprised if the problem goes away when you remove seemingly irrelevant parts. It’s quite common that people ask questions about specific pieces of code only for the underlying bug to be in some totally different part of the program. UB/memory corruption can lead to surprises like that. Using sanitizers (e.g. -fsanitize=address,undefined if you’re using GCC) or memory debuggers (such as Valgrind) can often help.

Even if it’s a bug in SDL, having a minimal example is still useful if you’re going to file a bug report.