Presenting the GSoC "work complete" snapshot!

Thanks to all the great work from the students in this year’s Google Summer of Code, I present to you the “work complete” snapshot!

This snapshots includes the work from the following projects:

  • Addition of Multi-touch and Gesture Recognition support
    by Jim Grandpre, mentored by Ryan C. Gordon
    (documentation in README.touch and README.gesture)

  • International Input for Windows
    by Daniel Wyatt, mentored by Sam Lantinga
    (documentation at

  • Shaped Windows under Linux, OSX, and Windows
    by Eli Gottlieb, mentored by Andreas Schiffler
    (documentation at

  • Android Port
    by Paul Hunkin, mentored by Sam Lantinga
    (documentation in

  • XRender Support
    by Sunny Sachanandani mentored by Sam Lantinga

-Sam Lantinga, Founder and President, Galaxy Gameworks LLC