SDL 3.0

where can I read about the upcoming SDL_GPU subsystem?

I’ve collected some FAQs and summary info here:


thank you! looks great)

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But how are SDL2 releases being made during SDL3 development?

Right now, fixes are trickling into SDL2; so far we have made point releases with a handful of fixes (2.26.2 shipped a few weeks ago).

I assume we’re going to reevaluate this as time goes on, and that depends what state SDL3 is in vs what SDL2 needs to stay viable while SDL3 is still in progress, but in the short term, I think we’re largely just doing small fixes to SDL2 right now, instead of blocking large tasks off into SDL2 milestones.

What about the patch for Surface glitching, is that going to be in SDL2, SDL3, or neither of them? Also, is anything known for bad UTF-8 in Android clipboard?

I don’t know off the top of my head; did these ever make it to the bug tracker? If not, we’re extremely likely to forget to look into them at all, as we’re pretty overwhelmed with pending tasks right now, and the bug tracker is our collective memory of these things.

The window surface issue was fixed for SDL3: Make SDL_GetWindowSurface HighDPI aware by ericwa · Pull Request #7069 · libsdl-org/SDL · GitHub

It doesn’t look like it’s been backported to SDL2 (yet?)

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