SDL for Consoles

Hi All,

We are gonna port the game I am working on to Switch, and probably PS4, so I am hoping to find fully/partial ports of SDL2 to make my life easier.

Now, of course both Nintendo’s and Sony’s SDKs are under NDA, so there can’t be a publicly available port, but it would be great if someone who is under the same NDA as me would be willing to share. We would ask the platform holders also of course, but I assume they wouldn’t be against it, and it would be a great way to on-board people more easily onto console development if we can make this into a thing for more people.

Any luck?


I have a Switch developer kit here, and am working on porting SDL to it. That should be available to registered Nintendo developers with Switch access soonish.

I can’t speak for the PS4; if I had access to a devkit, I would definitely do the port, though!


Great news on the Switch port :slight_smile:

I’m registered for PS4 and PS Vita, and I don’t have a PS4 kit, but I do have Vita kits - are there any guidelines/guidance on how to go about porting/gotchas/etc?

A switch port sounds amazing. @Icculus, do you have any idea of ETA for a
alpha build that would could access? Just trying to get an idea of if it
makes sense for our current project to build something out ourselves?

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This is great news!
There’s no SDL info on Nintendo’s 3DS & wiiU developer forum, I guess these aren’t “officially” supported?
Would really like 3DS :smiley:
If anyone else is registered to the nintendo dev program, I posted here a forum post here

I have a 3DS port that is sort of half-written; Nintendo announced the Switch while I was working on it, so I assumed it was a dead platform.

If you want it, I can send you a copy, but I can’t promise that it’s in any useful state. Drop me a line about it at


I emailed you from my gmail.
As mentioned, Nintendo released new 2DS & 3DS XL versions, mid this year, so 3DS is far from dead :smiley:
I’m still new to SDL, but I can give it a good go, if no one else is interested.
Also, I would like to share it on the nintendo forum (link in previous post), for other SDL/nintendo devs.

(been swamped, I promise I’ll reply soon.)

Glad to hear about Switch support!

I’m using SDL on Xbox One in a UWP-based game. Should have more to report on this soon.

Making some progress on SDL/switch, finally:

If there’s anyone I haven’t given Switch or 3DS access to that should have it, sorry for the delay, and please ping me; I’ll fix you up.


Anybody using SDL2 with Xbox One natively? Any work done on this already?

Hey icculus. Nice progress on the SDL2/switch port. I was wondering if I could get access to the 3DS port.