SDL_image 1.2.11 RELEASED!

This is a bugfix release for SDL_image:


  • SDL_image is now under the zlib license
  • SDL_image binaries have been built with the following libraries:
    JPEG v8d
    libpng 1.5.7
    libwebp 0.1.3
    tiff 4.0.0
    zlib 1.2.5
  • SDL_image framework on OSX is built for Intel 10.5 and newer,
    PowerPC binaries can be built by modifying the Xcode project
  • Fixed loading 8-bit PNG images on Mac OS X
  • Added WEBP image support
  • Fixed compiling with libpng 1.4 and 1.5
  • Added to build on the Android platform
  • Fixed loading HAM6 images with stencil mask
  • Fixed bug loading 15 and 16 bit BMP images

Thanks to these people and many others for their help on this release:
Mark Tucker, Thomas Klausner, Michael Bonfils
See ya!

  • Sam Lantinga