SDL_mixer 1.2.12 RELEASED!

This is a bugfix release for SDL_mixer:


  • SDL_mixer is now under the zlib license
  • SDL_mixer binaries have been built with the following libraries:
    flac 1.2.1
    libmikmod 3.1.12
    libogg 1.3.0
    libvorbis 1.3.2
    smpeg 0.4.5
  • SDL_mixer framework on OSX is built for Intel 10.5 and newer,
    PowerPC binaries can be built by modifying the Xcode project
  • Fixed seek offset with SMPEG (was relative, should be absolute)
  • Fixed memory crash loading Ogg Vorbis files on Windows
  • Added an Xcode project for iOS
  • Added Mix_LoadMUSType_RW() so you can tell SDL_mixer what type the music is
  • Fixed looping native MIDI on Mac OS X and Windows
  • Added /usr/local/share/timidity to the timidity data path
  • Fixed timidity loading of some MIDI files
  • Fixed dropping audio in the FLAC audio decoding
  • Fixed memory leak in SDL_LoadMUS()
  • Removed GPL native MIDI code for new licensing
  • Fixed drums playing on MIDI channel 16 with timidity
  • The music-finished hook can start a track immediately
  • Added support for FluidSynth
  • Added support for native MIDI on Haiku
  • Added to build on the Android platform
  • Added support for libmodplug (disabled by default)

Thanks to these people and many others for their help on this release:
Egor Suvorov, James Le Cuirot, Jon Atkins, Manuel Montezelo, Nikos Chantziaras
See ya!
-Sam Lantinga