SDL_mixer 1.2.9 RELEASED!

Announcing the latest release of SDL_mixer!

Thanks to everybody who contributed bug reports and fixes for this release! :slight_smile:

  • Updated native MIDI support on Mac OS X for 10.6
  • Reset channel volumes after a fade out interrupts a fade in.
  • Fixed crash race condition with position audio functions
  • Fixed stereo panning in 8-bit mode
  • Added /usr/share/timidity to the default timidity.cfg locations
  • MOD support uses libmikmod and is dynamically loaded by default
  • A patched version of libmikmod is included in
  • The libmikmod patches fix security issues CVE-2007-6720 and CVE-2009-0179.
  • Added TIMIDITY_CFG environment variable to fully locate timidity.cfg
  • Implemented seamless looping for music playback
  • ID3 files are now recognized as MP3 format
  • Fixed native MIDI crash on 64-bit Windows
  • Added decoder enumeration API:
    Mix_GetNumChunkDecoders(), Mix_GetChunkDecoder(),
    Mix_GetNumMusicDecoders(), Mix_GetMusicDecoder()
  • Added support for FLAC audio both as chunks and streaming
  • Added support for streaming WAV files with Mix_LoadMUS_RW()
  • Fixed crash caused by not resetting position_channels–
    -Sam Lantinga, Founder and President, Galaxy Gameworks LLC