SDL moving to GitHub

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Thank you so much! I’m sure this is a hard transition for long-time Mercurial users, but for people like me, it significantly lowers the barrier of entry as a potential new SDL contributor. Mercurial has numerous usability issues and lacks features that I depend on every day - projects moving to Git make my life easier - so thank you again!

I don’t care much about the transition to GitHub (I use it begrudgingly myself - GitHub interface limits the options available to software maintainers via plain Git) - however, on the bright side, Git will allow you to easily host mirrors or move somewhere else. If you care about not being tied to Microsoft - I advice to not go overboard with the usage of GitHub Actions (it’s half-baked and clearly an attempt to tie people down) and avoid using Git-LFS (git-lfs is great for intended usecase, but not in free-tier Git hosting solutions). If you look for backup Git hosting that cares for your freedom, consider giving some business to - it’s very competent, Free software top-to-bottom, and offers numerous compelling features (some unique ones as well).

As for wiki - GitHub wiki interface is rather poor, but there are numerous options to present the wiki content in a better way. There’s also an option of using something like mdBook for creating “SDL Book” (mdBook is used throughout the Rust ecosystem) - it would still be a bunch of text files in a Git repo underneath.

I offer my help with anything and everything Git-related:

  • if you want to have a forum thread dedicated to answering Git-related questions - I will be happy to monitor it and provide answers/explanations
  • if you need some automation or scripts to ease the transition from hg - drop me a line
  • If you’re missing a feature in the official git program - I can help with that as well :slight_smile:
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Wow, now it’s much better since you have been migrated to GitHub, I wondered! Now I can easier prepare my patches for the stuff without unnecessary bureaucracy regarding Mercurial patch files!
Okay, since this has been updated, now I should fix all my builds that pulling the latest SDL Mercurial, otherwise, they all will get died immediately. This also should fix the rest of the errors regarding archives packed by Mercurial, I had the dozen of workarounds for Windows builds to pull the side automatic mirror of SDL2 at GitHub that hadn’t problems like that. Now I’ll use the official GitHub repository instead of all that mess I made in the past. Thank you all!
Personally, I am tired from the limits of an ancient Bugzilla that won’t allow the rest of the formatting features, and even it won’t allow editing of messages and even removal! (That is very useful to fix typos or remove something posted by mistake, etc.). Also, GitHub allows commenting at commits that allows people to discuss certain things without of necessary to make one another issue or the forum topic, etc. Again, thank you!

I’m sorry but this logic is not always the best. Microsoft may not disappear, but it may switch to something else, overnight, for no apparent reason. Like Apple switched from Objective C to Swift, there are other examples. Like it switches one day to something else than GitHub, and in spite it may provide some transition tools, a lot goes to chimney.

That said, my project is in GitHub too, for the reasons you said, i can put it somewhere else when anything happens, but this is only a small code, and i have a copy, provided that i will still be alive then to do that, of course.

Past experience would make me think that it’s far less likely that Microsoft would do this than Apple!

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Very sad day for the Mercurial advocate you were Ryan. But I can understand that you didn’t resist through the pressure of people thinking that GitHub is now the de-factor standard for open-source development.

Sure it has its benefits but it’s also the opportunity to be spammed by lots of trolls. Just considering how people reacts to “hot” issues (when linked through HN/Reddit or similar) with containers of emoji and gifs is incredible and I hope that it will never happen to you at least. Remember, GitHub issues are somewhat like Facebook nowadays.