Welcome to GSoC 2010!

We had some amazing applicants for this year’s Google Summer of Code,
and I would like to thank everyone who applied. It was very difficult
to narrow down the final list, but in the end we picked 5 excellent
students for this year’s project.

I’d like to introduce them and invite everyone to welcome them to the
SDL community! :slight_smile:

Introducing the Students:

Introducing the Mentors:

  • Andreas Schiffler is an architect/dev for a commercial SDL based
    windows+linux application with shaped-window support. He is
    volunteering as a mentor this year to help Eli with his project.

  • Ryan Gordon is a long time friend and SDL developer, and is currently
    rewriting the SDL multi-mouse support. He will be mentoring Jim on
    his touch input project this year.

  • I am the original author of SDL and founder of Galaxy Gameworks
    LLC, a small company devoted to commercial development and support of
    SDL 1.3 and beyond. I am looking forward to mentoring Daniel, Paul,
    and Sunny.

Welcome! :)–
-Sam Lantinga, Founder and President, Galaxy Gameworks LLC