X on SDL?

Christian Leger wrote:

Hopefully you’ll share with us anything you discover or succeed in doing!

I intended to.
There’s a distinct reason why I feel I should look into that, too. The plan was to share it with the world. :stuck_out_tongue:
I wouldn’t expect anything anytime soon, though. Between my real job, my current project, and managing my social life over a distance of several hundred miles… I’m pretty much out of free time to play around. :(------------------------
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A lot of people also forget that the desktop environment (Gnome, what
have you) and window manager (compiz, metacity) are not part of X.On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 4:04 PM, Bob Pendleton wrote:

On top of that the X server is not all that big, most people forget
that the size listed for the server usually includes the size of the
framebuffer and the memory used to communicate with the graphics
drivers. That is space you will have to use with or with out an X


That’s incredibly interesting, if a bit intimidating, Bob. I certainly WILL
have a look at that source. I suppose my use of SDL doesn’t need to change,
does it? Right now I’m using SDL strictly for getting a window to render
into, and keyboard and mouse inputs.

I actually did consider taking a look at the source, and trying to prune
it… although my forays into source trees of various famous open source
programs have caused more dead-ends and nightmares than any tangible
results. I still have seizure-inducing twitch reactions to my memories of
the program ‘ls’. Of course that was years ago and likely I’d do much better

Indeed, I am thinking about making some sort of arcade-like system, albeit
one with all the regular capabilities of a computer system. But with faster
responses, more unified menus and metaphors. Ok I stop now before your
glasses all fog up with the steam.

Actually, X.Org has been on a diet for a couple of years now, just look at
./configure which has all the options to make it lightweight; you don’t
really need to change the source for that.

If you need any proof that it works, X.Org is the X server running on the
nokia N900 (as a matter of fact this work on getting X.Org lighter was done
mainly by the people at nokia).

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