2.0.7 SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN stopped changing screen mode SDL_CreateWindow

I’ve noticed 2.0.7 no longer changes the video display resolution when using the SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN flag in SDL_CreateWindow(). This works in 2.0.5. Instead, a window is created at the desktop resolution. The w and h are ignored.

Then calling SDL_SetWindowFullscreen(window, SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN) somehow works (but how does it know what w & h it should be?!), but forces the window to resize down from the desktop resolution it was created at.

Can anyone else confirm what’s going on?

Which OS? I can’t reproduce on macOS; SDL_CreateWindow calls SDL_SetWindowFullscreen itself (via SDL_FinishWindowCreation) and does a mode change. My desktop resolution is 1440x900 points (2880x1800 pixels) and I called SDL_CreateWindow with width/height of 800x600, and flags of SDL_WINDOW_OPENGL | SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN and got an 800x600 (pixel) video mode.

Ah - I think I can reproduce it on Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update).
Launching testgl2 with: --info all --geometry 800x600 --fullscreen, I get a 2880x1800 fullscreen mode. That is my desktop resolution. 800x600 is available in the list of modes logged to the console.

Yes, I’m using Windows 10, you seem to be reproducing the problem. This worked in 2.0.5, so something changed since then. I can patch the problem for now by calling SDL_SetWindowFullscreen, but it’s not ideal.

Is this caused by the “fullscreen optimizations”? I’m not sure if it is a new feature, but I am seeing a flood of complaints coming in after the Fall Creators Update. Can you turn it off and see if the original SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN behavior returns?

The documented behaviour has changed, so it’s definitely a bug. Where are these fullscreen optimizations you refer to?

Ah, you mean the Windows compatibility option? I’m running it from Eclipse, so how do I change this option?

Forgive me, if I post a link to a user’s screenshot. I don’t have this new version of windows installed yet. It’s the application’s properties.

I’ve disabled fullscreen optimizations in windows and that has no effect. It’s a bug that’s been introduced from 2.0.5 to 2.0.7.

Using SDL_SetWindowFullscreen() after will change the screen mode. It’s a way to patch it until SDL fixes it their end.

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