2d graphic blits performance issue

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Have you tried SDL_DisplayFormat on that background surface? Might do wonders…


bloomp at rpi.edu: “[SDL] 2d graphic blits performance issue” (2004-09-06…

#Hello, this is my first post to the SDL list. I’m currently working on a
#small game with SDL (my second) and trying to work around the performance
#problems encountered last time. I’m curious what actually is the best way
#to do 2d graphic blits with SDL? I read the discussion logs (February
#2002) covering how it was a known performance issue back then with doing 2d#
#graphics blits and there was discussion on making an openGL backend for
#doing it (David Olofson suggested his setup back then as a possible
#temporary measure) and I’m wondering if anything’s advanced from that point

#or whether it’d be wise to just grab what’s offered on his site and try to
#use that to get better blits?

#For background, the goal is an 800x600 window that gets at least 30 fps
#when the game is playing. Currently the average frame rate being gotten
#doing a single 800x600 blit (And about the same filling the screen with
#hundreds of smaller blits) is around 25 fps which is less than half of what

#I’m getting if I do specific pixel draws to every pixel on the screen by
#their coordinate positions (75 fps). Somehow I think I should be able to
#do far better than this, but I’m not very sure which way would be wisest to

#go. I’d prefer not to seemingly reinvent the wheel for basic 2d blitting
#just to get a decent draw rate. Thanks for any and all advice and help
#that you can give.

#Philip Bloom

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#SDL at libsdl.org

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