3D Engine in OpenGL for SDL

Hi all, sorry if I post this in the wrong category but I don’t really know where to post it. I made a simple engine in SDL 2 with basic 2d support. Now I want to add some basic support for 3D but I don’t think I could write an entire 3d engine myself. So I was wondering if there is any way to use a 3d engine written with OpenGL in SDL 2, should importing all the files of the engine in my project and changing the starting and ending functions work? And if yes, is there any simple 3d engine that could easily be ported to sdl2? I already tried searching for some engines written in OpenGL and sdl2 but I couldn’t find anything with proper documentation or something that filled my requirements.

Try this one https://urho3d.io/
For OpenGL realization see GraphicsAPI and start searching from OGLGraphics.cpp Graphics::SetScreenMode_OGL

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Thanks, I didn’t know that urho3d is using sdl!

You are welcome :blush:
I like Urho3d for its “clean code” and simplicity.

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