3Dengine programming

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1.Do anyone know where I can find a newsgroup on 3D engine programming ?

2.I have bugs when collide with walls in my engine:
It is a sector-based engine, each sectors are made with n walls. This
walls can be real walls, or walls that are linked to an other sector.
When the Sprite go throw this second kind of wall, I 'm doing a
recursive research for the walls eventally colliding with the sprite
(using a CollideSpriteWithSector() function, wich is using
CollideLineWithCylinder() function).
When I collide with a wall, I change the direction of the sprite, to the
wall’s direction. But my problem is that, when I come from a other
sector to a wall I will be in, the direction is changed, and I stay into
the wall. If anyone know how to avoid(?) this, that will help.
If you want to see the source:

  1. I tried to start a port of PineApple (the name of the engine) to SDL,
    but XFree4 is crashing each time I init GL with SDL, do you know why ?

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