[A potential apply for gsoc]discussion

Hello again, Sam and all,
You can see my determination to try a bit farther.
Guess everybody has his firsttime, say : )
I know I am not familiar with libSDL and Xrender Extension, but I am
sure my
knowledge in openGL and other libs could help me learn them well quickly.
So below is something I want to clarify after checking some codes and web
got from xorg and sdl.
I hope it is not messing again! I have my guts and enthusiams in
investing my time
on this project.

Thanks for your previous suggestions, and later ones!


p.s. If you think this time is better, could you point out something I need
to polish,
since I am running out of time for application, I 'll catch up quickly after
done I think.

[What’s the benefit of Xrender]:
Xrender is designed for supporting an alpha channel which ensures its
of compositing.
Xrender extension also includes some utilities with glyph rendering
which outcomes
the core X protocol.

[What’s the benefit of using Xrender in libSDL:]
This could enable libSDL’s ability to do translucent paint or giving out
effect, which is needed in many aspects of graphics drawing.

[What this project would do] :
The initial code of libSDL has given the interface for Xrender support,
but not realized
it yet. So this project would adding support on the level of libSDL to
finish its support
for Xrender.

[Proposal: Adding libSDL Support for XRender]

  1. Synopsis
    X is a broadly used window system in free software world.
    It is flexible with its many available extensions.
    XRender is a powerful rendering backend provided within Xlib.
    Major Graphical Cards have their supports for XRender,
    such as NVIDIA, ATI.
    In a similiar scope from software, Java2D has announced its
    XRender backend[1].
    libSDL is a cross platform library to ease the coding work when
    building a multimedia application. It provides video, audio and
    other input support for potential users.
    It is reasonable to have XRender support in libSDL.
    This project aims at moving the libSDL fully support for XRender,
    and let the user have a experience with the features of XRender.

  2. Deliverables

Deliver a libSDL library that supports XRender.
Deliver a set of examples for demonstrating the new feature with

  1. Schedule
    phase 1: getting farmiliar with libSDL coding style
    phase 2: adding patches for Xrender backend
    phase 3: writing a test application as a demo.

  2. Biography

Senior student in EECS of Beijing Normal University, China.
Computer Graphics and free source lover.
As for something related with the proposal, I am quite familiar with
openGL and osglib.
Once developing VTP, Virtual Terrain Project, http://www.vterrain.org/
Good with DirectX and using it to develop a visualization
tool for one embeded application, though this may not count much in this
project :stuck_out_tongue:
Have a solid coding sense. And could do well with C.

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