Additional Development Libraries for Windows

I’m totally new to SDL2. I’m highly interested in it as it seems to perfectly cover the needs I have in a Golang project where I need a GUI with some Graphics and Sound support on Windows and Linux. So far I watched a very impressive video on YouTube, read some of the documentation and was able to get started with the basics on Linux. But now, when I tried to do the same work on Windows 10 I’ve got stuck, due to a missing development library.

In Linux I entered sudo apt install libsdl2{,-image,-mixer,-ttf,-gfx}-dev and got all required libraries installed to start my development without hassle.

In Windows 10 I installed MinGW 32/64-bit with SDL2-devel-2.0.12-mingw.tar.gz from So far, that’s fine, but now I was unable to compile one of the bindings I need due to a missing header file.

It turned out, of course, that I’m missing the development libraries for libsdl2-image, libsdl2-mixer, libsdl2-ttf and libsdl2-gfx. I don’t necessarilly need them all right now, but I will probably need them all on the longer run.

Are these libraries available for Windows from somewhere else? If not, any hints how to build them are welcome.

Note: so far I’ve seen that the source code of the libraries are available from the Mercurial repos. But before I dig into this I thought it’s better to ask here.

So far I installed Msys2 and installed the libraries using the following command:
pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL2{,_image,_mixer,_ttf,_gfx}

For now this is good enough for me.

Just to share the results from my research:

As I already mentioned in my request, except libsdl2-gfx I found all sources on

The sources for libsdl2-gfx I found on



Click below URL link for the SDL support libraries:

Have no idea why there is no link on the main SDL website…


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Thank you, @JeZxLee: I was just about editing and summarizing the results of my resarch when you wrote your answer :wink: