Alt+F4 on Windows

If I recall correctly the input grabbing in X11 only happens in
fullscreen and only in some of the methods. Again, X’s inability to do
fullscreen properly is at fault.

Windows always sends a WM_CLOSE window event when Alt+F4 is pressed,
unless you disable the close button, so you shouldn’t need any
explicitly handling for that, just make WM_CLOSE generate SDL_QUIT. I
thought SDL already did this, I guess it did and that broke at some

Also changing subject since it isn’t about getting a pre-built DLL for
MinGW anymore.

2012/11/2 David Gow :> Are you grabbing input? At least on X11 that still grabs all keyboard input.

I don’t think any explicit handling of shortcuts has been written yet, so
this could be a side effect of that.

– David

On 02/11/12 12:19, Sik the hedgehog wrote:

Whoops at #3, nevermind XD Oh well, still works.

Can somebody else verify the Alt+F4 issue? Alt+F4 works Ubuntu so my
game definitely is processing the quit event properly, unless there’s
some really weird quirk I’m missing out (doubt so, I just set a flag
when I get the event and let the main loop do the rest). If the bug is
real I’ll open a bug report if needed.

Also I’d like to remark I got this in windowed mode, making the
Alt+F4 issue even weirder.

2012/11/2 Sam Lantinga :

  1. I forgot to include libSDLmain.a which has the WinMain entry point
  2. I don’t remember where this discussion ended. I think the consensus
    to allow keyboard shortcuts to do their expected behavior on all
  3. It’s not DirectX, it’s mingw32 debug symbols. I strip those out
    before a
    real release.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 8:27 PM, Sik the hedgehog <@Sik_the_hedgehog> wrote:

Screw that, tried that now. Works fine, thanks :smiley: Nitpicks:

  • SDL_main was missing (just undef’d main, MinGW doesn’t need WinMain)
  • Alt+F4 is not handled o_O;
  • WTF DirectX support takes up that much? My DLL was under 300KB, this
    DLL is almost 4MB

Anyway, thanks, you saved my day XD

2012/11/2 Sik the hedgehog <@Sik_the_hedgehog>:

OK, going to take a bath now (timing!) but will tell you later how it
works. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say I’d add you to the “thanks” list in the credits of the game if
it wasn’t because I was going to do it anyway because of SDL itself
and all the changes I’ve been pushing for in the mailing list so far
XD (and the fullscreen shenanigans - uuuuugh)

2012/11/2 Sam Lantinga :

Here you go, I built this yesterday. No warrantees! :slight_smile:

On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 5:52 PM, Sik the hedgehog <@Sik_the_hedgehog> wrote:

I was looking at it. It seems like it’d have been perfect, except
because I can’t seem to find any download links, just logs (not
surprising, I suppose this is just to ensure the library remains
buildable) :confused: Unless I missed something?

2012/11/1 Jonathan Dearborn :

Ah, that’s too bad. Is there any way to grab the resulting binaries
the Buildbot? That would be nice.

Jonny D

On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 12:23 PM, Sik the hedgehog <@Sik_the_hedgehog> wrote:

2012/11/1 Gabriel Jacobo :

I usually cross compile SDL2 and family (Mixer, Image, TTF) using
12.04 Mingw64-* and I haven’t installed any DirectX headers that
everything that’s required ships in the packages, and it works
like a

Whatever Code::Blocks is using doesn’t have it x_x And no, I don’t
have my cross-compilers set up here yet (downloaded them but I
have no idea how to use them), I’m building this on the other
in my house which has Windows.

The problem strikes in that the only audio driver available to me
seems to be the multimedia API, and that thing has a horrible
of latency :confused:

2012/11/1 Jonathan Dearborn :

Does the temporary build work for you? Sam occasionally puts one

That’s a source-only distribution, pretty much the one I was using

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