An event to announce an on-going drag & drop

We have events that happen at the ‘drop’ part of a drag and drop like SDL_DROPBEGIN or SDL_DROPFILE, but before the drop (when the click is released) we have no direct way of knowing a drop is about to happen. The reason why it would be useful to know when a cursor carrying something to drop is over our window is that we could adapt the interface to indicate how the drop will be handled. For instance an area might be highlighted to indicate that if dropped in it the drop will be properly taken into account. Or in the case of what I’m trying to do I’d like to make a sort of pop up with a few areas into which one could drop the file, thus making it quite seamless to dictate what to do with the file by dropping it in the right area without having anything extra to do after the drag and drop is done.

Tracking the mouse position globally and subtracting the position of the window can give me the cursor position throughout the whole drag and drop, and I could guess that if the cursor is dragging into the window area and the window isn’t minimised and the left mouse button is held down that a drop is about to happen (with a few potential false positives), however it just seems like it would be more elegant if we could have an unambiguous event to indicate what’s happening. I don’t know enough about the Windows and macOS APIs to know if that’s feasible.