Android build tool for rust?


When building for android and rust, there is cargo-apk. However, it doesn’t work together with SDL, since the Android code for SDL has its own java stub. I’m thinking of developing cargo-sdl-apk, to automate the process of building apks with sdl, in the same way as cargo-apk.

Would this be something useful/requested by the community?

I’m asking because I built a little Rust UI experiment, and as part of that I created such a tool. There is very little of the tool that is specific to my framework, so it would make sense to separate it out.

Essentially, it would automate the process described in an article called “TL;DR Building an Android app with Rust and SDL2”, which is linked to from my article, but I can’t link it from the forum post.

But want to ask to see if I’m reinventing the wheel and to ask what the community thinks of the idea.