Android NDK JNI w/ Admob

I’m trying to use C++ to call a Java method I made called void showAd() that loads a banner ad from Admob (adView.loadAd(adRequest)). The showAd() method is in the SDLActivity class in and the adView and adRequest are public SDLActivity class level variables.

In onCreate() I initialize mobile ads, create new AdView(context: this), set banner type, set test ID, build an AdRequest, and add the adView the view hierarchy so it’s visible.

My C++ code calls the Java function perfectly using JNI. I know this because if I remove adView.load(adRequest) from showAd() and replace with generic output like Log.v(“test”) it outputs to LogCat percetly and returns the execution flow back to the C++ program.

If I simply move adView.load(adRequest) to the OnCreate() method, it works fine, however I lose the ability to control the adView through C++ (reloading, hiding, showing, etc.)

I’ve tried static and non-static versions of the adView, adRequest variables and showAd() method with no success.

Any guidance is appreciated. Below is some code:
public class SDLActivity extends Activity

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

public AdRequest adRequest;

MobileAds.initialize(this, “ca-app-pub-3940256099942544~3347511713”);
adView = new AdView(this);
adRequest = new AdRequest.Builder().build();
mLayout.addView( adView );

} // end onCreate()

public void showAd() {
    adView.loadAd( adRequest );

} // end SDLActivity class

C++ using SDL & JNI to call Java method (works perfectly):
JNIEnv* env = (JNIEnv*)SDL_AndroidGetJNIEnv();
jobject activity = (jobject)SDL_AndroidGetActivity();
jclass clazz(env->GetObjectClass(activity));
jmethodID method_id = env->GetMethodID(clazz, “showAd”, “()V”);
env->CallVoidMethod(activity, method_id);

Whoops the “public AdRequest adRequest;” is not in onCreate(), it’s a level above under SDLActivity class.

You should be putting your methods in an overrided class, no need to modify SDLActivity.

Your C++ call will be on the wrong thread, which is why the ads aren’t working. You’ll need to use a callback so it will run on the proper thread. SDL2 has already set this up and you can piggy-back your custom callbacks in your overrided class.

I can paste a rough example here if you need further help.

Thanks for the quick reply and I had the same idea, but struggled with implementation. Like a Button created in OnCreate with an onClick() overrided call back method, but then how would I have C++ trigger the onClick() callback without actually touching the button?

Any rough code would be helpful thanks!

I have all you need. write me e-mail

Don’t know where to find your email – I’m

Hey Ant, no idea what your email is, but if you could email me or just paste the code in this chat I would greatly appreciate it as I’m stuck! Thanks.

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Hi There
I would be grateful for help on this - as I have a similar issue for full screen ads.

Send me your email and I’ll send you my code

I’m also having a similar issue for video ads and toast. If there are any code examples that would help out.