Android png display white/gray border on sharp edges

Ok this is bizzare and I’m lost on possible causes. PNG-24 sRGB image with transparent background when displayed on an Android device (phone or tablet) adds a white/grey border for any “hard” non-anti-aliased edge in the image.

The image displays fine when rendered on a PC.

It’s not a brightness/contrast/color/hue setting I tried all that. If I blur edges in photoshop it goes away, but then Iose detail that I want.

It’s almost like SDL is trying to anti-alias hard edges during rendering.

Any ideas or suggestions to try?

Nevermind I tried SDL_HINT_RENDER_SCALE_QUALITY = 0 and the border on hard edges disappeared. Who knew Linear or Anisotropic would cause hard edges in images look so poorly on newer Android devices…

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