Android SoftKeyboard issue

I am having difficulties with hiding softkeyboard on startup my app. Did added some extra code but with no luck. Every Time when App is launched SoftKeyboard is always showed.

PS: As extra code did added


What goes wrong here ?

softkeyboard should start hidden, what configuration do you have ?

This is my AndroidManifest.xml

And here is video demonstrating what is happening here:

Thanks for the video ! This is the emulator ?
I know this is the issue, but why does the keyboard shows up when it starts ? Is it something in your code ?

maybe, add more configChanges in the xml:

No its private Phone.
Changed config and it did not solved my issue.
About code hmmm in the 1st glance I don’t see anything related to Android softkeyboard or keyboard itself
should take a deeper look in to it.

PS: This looks suspicious

Issue is no longer present.
Fixed in