ANN: Audiality 0.1.1

Known as the sound engine of Kobo Deluxe…

Audiality 0.1.1 is available!

Still mostly for developers and brave testers, but at least, there are
some command line toys now, including a jukebox with a bunch of (half
finished, but anyway :slight_smile: songs. No need for hacking or MIDI keyboards
to hear some more of the mysterious engine.

Most important changes:
* All source code is now LGPLed
* API namespace cleanup
* ALSA 0.9 sequencer (MIDI) support
* Includes Cooledit/mc syntax highlighting definition
* New mixer/routing subsystem
* “Auto-wah” effect
* A “real” reverb
* Sample accurate MIDI file playback


Direct link:

Check out the site and the Audiality mailing list (or archive) for
more info and (gigantic) 0.1.0->0.1.1 ChangeLog.

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