ANN: Delirium - an arcade/puzzle game

[…this is a game announcement and/or a “shameless plug”, so skip it if
you’re not interested…]

I have released my fifth game (second SDL based), called Delirium.
Here’s short description from game’s page:

“Delirium is sort of an arcade/puzzle mixture. Its basic idea is rather
simple: clear the level from blocks. In the top of the screen there are
various colored blocks, or plates. You must get rid of those very same
blocks in order to advance to the next level.”

It’s your basic puzzle game with those traditional puzzle game aspects:
balls, blocks, bright colors, etc!

Delirium is 100% freeware; more information + downloads available at

(At the moment, there’s only Windows version, but I try to get the Linux
version online later today or tomorrow. However, I may not have enough
space to host the Linux version, so if anybody could host two files for
me [probably around 13 Mb in total], feel free to drop me a private mail)

Thanks for your time, and special thanks to all SDL developers: it’s
simply just great library and I like working with it!

PS. If you try my game and like it (or don’t like it - whatever :wink: - be
sure to drop me some comments!

PPS. Another special mention goes to Neil Brown, who fixed the
hard-to-spot bug which prevented Delirium running in Linux. Thanks, Neil!–
Mika Halttunen

Delirium is 100% freeware; more information + downloads available at

… and Linux version is also available now. The packages are plain TARs
because of server problems but the data wouldn’t compress much anyway.

Thanks to Matthew Cooper for hosting the Linux version!–
Mika Halttunen