ANN: EEL 0.1.11 released

EEL 0.1.11 released-------------------
Here we go again! Been throwing a whole lot of new code and
new problems at EEL since the last release, and as you can
see, we’ve skipped two public releases. This was part due to
lack of time, and part because there were stability issues I
wanted to deal with before making a public release. Most
interesting changes from 0.1.8:

    * All relevant VM instructions can now handle up
      to 65536 constants.
    * Compiling large files with line number debug
      info is now a lot faster.
    * for i=N, N-1 ... will no longer iterate once.
    * 64 bit pointer issue in relocate_limbo() fixed.
    * Fixed octal number escape parsing in strings.
    * A bunch of improvements to the EELBox GUI
      toolkit. (Sorry about the current lack of
      serious examples...)
    * Added a DSP module, with FFT, polynomial
      evaluation etc.
    * Minor audio API improvements (mono samples and
      vector support.
    * Vectors and arrays can now be sliced, and...
    * ...slice() has been renamed copy(), to avoid
      confusion with an upcoming language feature.
    * MIDI input support. (Very basic and ALSA only,
      for now.)
    * A bunch of new example/test scripts. (Hey,
      fftsynth.eel is almost interesting! ;-)
    * Various bug fixes and code cleanups.
People around here might be interested in EELBox, the EEL binding to SDL, SDL_image, SDL_net, NET2 and FastEvents. It's not complete (as in, doesn't cover all features of all libraries it binds to), and some parts of the design need some tweaking, but it's covered my needs so far. (GUI applications on Linux and Windows, distributed real time scripting over TCP/IP, and some other stuff.)




Direct download:

Win32 binary package:

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