ANNC: parallax-4

Parallax Scrolling IV - Overdraw Elimination ±---------------------------------------------

I just finished playing around with parallax-3, and ended up with a
version that does the job with less than 30% of the recursions and blits.
It’s working with horizontal runs only, but it still helps a great deal,
even with the huge 48x48 tiles in 320x240 mode!

Eventually, I might try some 2D algos to scale better to higher
resolutions and smaller tiles, but before that I’m probably going to play
around with parallax scrolling in conjunction with partial screen
updates. (Very interesting performance hack for windowed modes, and other
targets w/o h/w pageflipping! Unfortunately, it’s inherently half broken
when used with double buffering, but it might be useful there as well,
in some cases.)

But now I’m off home to work on Kobo Deluxe! :slight_smile: I’ve been fixing various
user interface and appearace stuff lately; scrolling radar, nicer look on
the displays and radar etc. Depending on where I get this weekend, I’ll
either release 0.4 RSN, or I’ll work some more on the audio engine first.
(Don’t worry - there will most probably be some music in 0.4 either way!)

The Spitfire Engine…? (The graphics engine of Kobo Deluxe.) Yeah, it
just sits there and does the job. Might be time to rip it out and make it
a documented, stand-alone engine soon. (Actually, I’ve already started
documenting some parts of the API.) Of course, there are still missing
features (mostly stuff that’s done by the original XKobo code), but the
implemented and tested features seem to be rather solid.

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