ANNOUNCE JEDI-SDL 0.5 RC1 released

Just a quick note to let you know about the latest version of JEDI-SDL.

If you are wondering what JEDI-SDL is…
It is the API Object Pascal header translations for SDL( Simple
DirectMedia Library ). SDL works on Linux, Win32, Playstation 2, BeOS,
MacOS, Solaris, IRIX, FreeBSD and AmigaOS.
Currently JEDI-SDL supports Delphi, Kylix and the FreePascal compilers
and the platforms that they support.
We have Pascal headers for SDL, SDL_Mixer, SDL_Image, SDL_Net, Smpeg,
SDL_ttf & SDL_Sound.
All our demos work with Delphi 4 through to Kylix 2 and most of the
demos compile with FreePascal as well and all are compilable
from the same project file and also run natively under Windows and Linux.

Features and enhancements in this version are…

0.5 Beta :
The JEDI-SDL project is now also set up on Sourceforge ( ) so we have started using version
control. And the latest version can always be found on CVS.
Improved FreePascal support has been added.
Various bug fixes as pointed out on the JEDI-SDL mailing list.
SDL_Mixer has been updated to version 1.2.1 and includes the Effects API.
Demo directories are now split into 2D and 3D related sub-directories.

New Units---------
SDLStreams.pas - Chris Bruner has created a wrapper that uses Streams to
load BMPs
SDLUtils.pas - Pascal only version of some Utility functions
SDLi386Utils.pas - Intel Assembler versions of the SDLUtils.pas functions.
SDL_ttf.pas - Port of the SDL True Type font support unit.
SDL_Sound.pas - Port of the SDL Sound library ( untested ).

New 2D Demos :

Pan and Zoom Demo - How to Pan and Zoom an SDL surface.
Isometric Demo - I ported my old DelphiX isometric demo over to SDL.
TestTimer demo - Shows hows how to use AddTimer and RemoveTimer.
MpegPlayer - I have updated and improved Anders Ohlsson’s MPegPlayer and
component and it now works and installs into D4, D5, D6, K1 & K2.
Showfont - Demo to show how to us SDL_ttf.dll

New 3D Demos :

DeathTruckTion 1.1 - A slightly updated version of this fully functional
3D network driving game.
TerrainDemo - Terrain demos ported from the book “OpenGL Game
programming” by Hawkins and Astle.
TestGL - the standard SDL/OPenGL Test demo. Shows how to mix 2D and 3D
rendering using OpenGL.
glFont - Demo to show how to us SDL_ttf with OpenGL.

Release Canditate 1 is now available for testing from the SourceForge
server @
Zips and Tar.Gz are available. and are broken down as follows…

  • Just the Headers ( ~3.6MB )
  • Complete Download ( ~14.3MB ) includes all demos and documentation
  • Just the Demos ( ~10.6MB )
  • Just the Documentation ( ~300K )

We are always looking for more developers to help out with creating new
games, demos or with updating the documentation, so if interested sign
up at the JEDI-SDL mailing list on and show everyone
how easy it is to create cross-platform applications using Object Pascal.


JEDI-SDL project leader.