[announce] SDL_buffer-0.1.0

CRV?ADER//KY proudly presents…SDL_Buffer :slight_smile:

SDL_Buffer is a small helper library intended to be used with a image
viewer or analogous
applications, where images are loaded from files and then resized
several times.
Its main parts are the SDL_Buffer structure, containing both the
original and the zoomed
surface, and the SDL_BufferResize function, that changes the zoom of the
surface so that it
fits inside a given square (while mantaining aspect ratio).
Also features:
- a SDL_IntelliResize structure to pass to SDL_BufferResize, to do an
"intelligent" resize
(i.e. don’t resize if the zoomed surface would be between 95% and
102% of the original)
instead of a “dumb” one.
- automatic screen centering
- image is not resized if scale = 1
- a SDL_BufferDisplay function, that blits a SDL_Buffer to screen and
(optionally) fills
the remaining space with a given color
- a multi-thread facility to pre-buffer (load and resize) a image in

For API documentation, please refer to SDL_buffer.h

You can download it from http://www.crusaderky.altervista.org
Stay tuned for the incoming full application, SDLSee.–
[] Guido Imperiale

crusaderky at libero dot it

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