Announcement: ZEngine 0.8.0-rc1

Hey, I just thought some people on the list may be interested, and I’d
like to get a few people to look over this version for any SDL bugs, so
feel free to play around with it.

ZEngine is designed to be an Object Oriented game engine that simplifies
and organizes game programming projects. Because it uses SDL (and
OpenGL for fast 2D drawing,scaling, and rotation) ZEngine contains the
following classes:
-ZEngine (singleton, main engine)
-ZImage (wraps SDL surface but uses OpenGL to draw,rotate and scale)
-ZFont (wraps TTF_Fonts and draws them to ZImages)
-ZMusic and ZSound - using SDL_Mixer
-ZConfigFile (custom written flexible ini-style file parsing)
-ZRect - simple rectangle class to be used for collision and extended
in future
-ZTimer - custom timer class with multiple uses.
There are also macros to log errors including the file and line number
and SDL error, extensive internal error checking, full Doxygen
documentation and simple test programs for all the major features.

ZEngine is BSD licensed so if any of what I included in it interests you
but you dont want to use the entire engine you’re free to tear what you
want out.

Please give ZEngine a look: