Announcing Acorn 0.3

The WorldForge project would like to announce the release of Acorn 0.3.

Acorn is the second in a series of games created as part of the
WorldForge bootstrapping endeavour, aimed at creating an engine for
massively multiplayer online games. The previous demo featured skeletons
moving across crude maps, Acorn builds on this by incorporating the
following features:

  • Python scripted, event-driven rule system
  • Client/server architecture using the Atlas Protocol System
  • Goal-motivated artificial intelligence
  • Herding behavior and nutrient-based growth simulation
  • Sound detection and automated reaction
  • Richer collection of artwork, sound effects, and music

This version features a brand new map with beautiful new graphics by
Uta Szymanek, major re-write to the client by Karsten-Olaf Laux,
and a complete re-write of the server in C++ by Al Riddoch.

The main Acorn page can be found at:

The Acorn downlaod page can be found at:

The Installation Instructions can be found at:

The background story can be found at:

If you have any queries about Acorn, please reply to this mail, or
see for information
about the project mailing lists.

Al Riddoch
Acorn Coordinator