Announcing Cygne/SDL 0.1

Hi All!

I’m happy to announce that the first version of the free
Bandai Wonderswan (Colour) emulator Cygne/SDL was released
today and set to version 0.1.

It’s a so called teaser release which means that it’s still
an immature port of the Cygne 2.1a emulator but it runs
quite good on several platforms. The following is implented
in this first release :

  • Ported sources for use with SDL concerning gfx;
  • Full Wonderswan key emulation through keyboard;
  • (i386) Assembly scaling and scanline routines;
  • In emulation screen rotation;
  • Allows binary dumps in ZIP or GZIP format;

Currently this version was tested on the following platforms
and ran without problems :

  • BeOS R5 with updated GCC compile package;
  • WIN32 using Cygwin and Mingw32 suites;
  • GNU/Linux (debian 2.2r4);
  • FreeBSD 4.4;

Cygne/SDL is completely OpenSource and is released under
LGPL license. The current release requires GCC 2.95.2 or
higher (GCC 3.0 was not tested), SDL 1.2.3 and the ZLIB 1.1.3
library or higher. The current source release allready has
a Public Domain Wonderswan Colour game called WonderSnake so
you can instantly enjoy the emulator :slight_smile:

Grab the source from the SDLemu website :


Niels Wagenaar
BoyCott Advance/SDL, Cygne/SDL, Handy/SDL and NeoPocott/SDL developer.
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