Announcing FreeDroid-1.0.1

[hope this is the right list for that…, if not, sorry ]

We gladly announce the release of the “finshed” version 1.0.1 of
FreeDroid ‘Classic’ (not to be confused with the RPG branch…)

FreeDroid is a free clone of the C64 classic “Paradroid”, with
various switchable extensions.

Check out our project page for more info and download:

Summary of changes wrt previous version 0.8.4:

  • 3D rotating droid pics in Console
  • adjusted game-parameters to be closer to the original Paradroid
  • dynamic “Theme” detection allows simple adding of new graphics themes
  • added original “Alert” feature
  • added low-energy fading and takeover-mode coloring
  • added partial map visibility and droid-‘ashes’ as extended features
  • added ‘legacy’ C64-game mod-songs as background music
  • improved sounds
  • added “white-noise” effect for GameOver
  • added highscore list which is loaded&saved to disk
  • better mouse+mouse-wheel support
  • added Mac OSX ProjectBuilder files
  • fixed tons of bugs, and memory-leaks

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Hi there,

i’ve tryed the game out… and it’s great… i know this game from the
C64. But i have seen a bug there if i start the game and i go into the
map editor… and if you there press F1 for help… i never get the help
screen away… i have then to kill the game…

p.s. maybe there is a helpfor how to leave the help screen ? ;o)
good game…

bye bye…

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