Announcing gltron-0.59

[From Andreas Umbach]


I’m proud to announce version 0.59 of gltron, a 3D lightcycle game
that uses OpenGL and the Simple Direct Media Library (SDL).
It comes with source code and is freely redistributable under the
GNU General Public License.

gltron-0.59 is released at the same time for Linux, Win32 and MacOS.
A BeOS post is in the works.

More information is available at:

Below is a small HTML snippet with the latest changes.

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0.59 is released for Linux, Win32 and MacOS. The BeOS port is in the

The most important visible changes are (from 0.53 to 0.59):

Game play:

  • rewrote computer player / added skill levels
  • different arena sizes (menu item)
  • different speeds (menu item)
  • experimental speed oszillation
  • configure players (human, computer, none)


  • very cool new model from Charles Babbage
  • levels-of-detail for the model
  • configure keyboard controls (not saved between games yet)
  • added volume settings for music / fx to Audio menu
  • used wall & floor texture from Nicolas Zimmermann
  • (optional) sound effects, SDL version only
  • added trail decals on solid trails (option)
  • added trail bow before cycle
  • changed GUI background
  • resized menu (dynamic size now)
  • added screenshot function (F12 - disabled on MacOS)
  • fixed lightcycle going backwards (if you liked the old way better, that's an option now)
  • added arena overview camera mode when dead
  • GNU autoconf WOOO! WOOO!
  • textures in png format
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  • Andreas Umbach–
    Probably one of the smallest 3D-Games in the world:
    More than 60’000 Downloads of the latest version (0.53)