Announcing SDL 0.6c

Available at:

SDL Current Development Source (0.6c)
Ported to Solaris 2.6
Added preliminary GGI support (not yet mature)
Supports LinuxPPC without threads
Optimized black-white cursor creation
Added support for run-length-encoded colorkeying
Added infrastructure for hardware accelerated software blits
Miscellaneous internal cleanups

BeOS and WinDIB color cursors (DirectX and X11 work)
If a surface is mapped, it loses the RLE acceleration.
Dynamic cursor color remapping (broken Linux libc5 malloc())

API Changes:

    A new macro SDL_MUSTLOCK(SDL_Surface *) evaluates to true if
    you need to lock a surface before reading or writing to it.

    New flag for SDL_SetColorKey(): SDL_RLEACCEL
    If the surface is in software, this flag will enable run-length
    encoded acceleration of colorkey blits.  If this flag is set,
    you must lock the surface before you write to it, and unlock the
    surface when you are done, so that the encoding is updated.

(This took a lot of surface code rewriting – color cursors are now
accelerated automatically)

    SDL_ConvertSurface() and SDL_DisplayFormat() no longer free the
    surfaces that are passed in.  You must free them yourself.

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga (slouken at–
Author of Simple DirectMedia Layer -