Announcing SDL 0.6j

Okay folks, the fruition of a ton of intense work:

New in SDL 0.6j:

   Much cleaner separation of OS dependent portion -- easy to port 
   Completely rewritten video/surface API -- see SDL_video.h 
   Much better blit hardware acceleration support 
   Added thread-safe locking on surfaces 
   Added precalculated alpha blending acceleration 
   SDL_BlitSurface() has been split into layers for the brave 
   Added function to return current time in milliseconds 
   New event type SDL_ACTIVEEVENT, to detect iconification 
   New event type SDL_SYSWMEVENT, for custom window hooks 
   Added a platform dependent function to get window handle 
   Added a function to check the run-time version of SDL 
   Added initial support for SDL_DEBUG environment variable 
   Miscellaneous internal cleanups 

The biggest change is … everything but the audio. :slight_smile:

Bang on it! Break it!
The API has been changed a bit, so take a look at the test programs
to see what’s possible now. The biggest changes are that the surface
lock doesn’t return a surface anymore and some functions have been

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga (slouken at–
Author of Simple DirectMedia Layer -