Another SDL update :-)

In brief:

I added a parachute, so unhandled fatal signals don’t kill SDL applications
horribly. This is nice since now a crashing SDL application doesn’t leave
key-repeat off. :slight_smile:

Fixed thread/signal interaction on BeOS (same POSIX stuff as Linux)

Completely reorganized the examples to use GNU makefile, so you don’t
have to edit the Makefile anymore. This has the nice side-effect of
really simplifying the Makefile:—
TARGET = xflame
include …/GNUmake
xflame xflame.exe: xflame.o

Anyway, this is in preparation for moving the examples out into a
separate directory.

Now I’m going to a family reunion, so may be out of touch for a few days.

Have fun!
-Sam Lantinga (slouken at

Author of Simple DirectMedia Layer -